Specifications of the Software for  the 1kW-PA „B26 RF 01“


(Programming and Design by DL7NB)


After starting the PA you see this picture;



Above we see the forward Power. The reflected Power and the SWR. The controls show the actual Power and SWR in a bluish color. A yellow pointer works as peak-hold. The values in brackets show the maximas of the last transmission- Direct below (in the empty space) there is a status-line.



This section is self explaining. You have three buttons that let you turn off the Tuner(Bypass), set all values to default/zero (Tuner reset) or let you store the latest settings to memory (store)

A special festure are the „+“ and „-“ signs. By touching them you will increase/decrease the value of either L or C. With that you can fine tune the rig. A click on „K“ toggles the K-relay. Auto/Locked locks the tuner.

In the headline you can see the reflected power in digits from 0 to 1023. (only in stand.by). Right of that you see the memory channel.







This – rather empty – page does everything for you to get the updates for your Arduino and BananaPi.


A click on „check for new software...“ starts every thing. If there is a new version you are prompted through the whole procedure.




...reboots both processors (BananaPi und Arduino).





toggles between  „0 – Standard“, „1 – Standard -i“, „2 – Cross Needle“ und „3 – Cross Needle i“ .


„Language after reboot

Select the language. ( at the moment we have german and english... unless you support us for your language).


„Sleep Timer“

„+“ and „-“ sets the time. The „button“ in the middle toggles between active/green and inactive/red


„Calibrate Freq.“

leeds you through a procedure to have a better frequency measurement


„daily reboot“

If you want to have your PA running 24/7 then you should have it rebooting every day. On remote places this prevents long journeys id the communication to th ePA gets lost!



switches the whole screen off if you want to control your PA on a remote place where an active screen will not be desireable. This mode can only be reset  with switching the PA of and on again.



switches the Tuner on/off.



selects the algorithm for the tuning.



Toggles your Tuner (if present) and Memory let  you select the memory bank.



The buttons „ICOM“, „Yaesu“ und „Universal“ swith the interface for the low-pass filters. If there is nothing connected it will fall back to „universal“


Here you set the correlation between bands and antennas. You can select how many antennas are activ.




Parameters for the VNC-Clients.

(For „Old“ men: if you click the screen in the right upper corner five times, you will see the password for some seconds :-)  )