The B26-PA originated from a local radio club project here in Franconia (best part of Bavaria) - the DARC  OV B26 Forchheim.

The individual boards, assemblies and housing parts were manufactured here at the beginning of a joint project on various weekends. The first version was created - the B26-PA RF1K2

In the aftermath, many more OMs came and asked if they also had or could build such a power amplifier.
So far, all of this has been a pure hobby project and there was a lot of effort and time involved in the procurement of materials.

Based on this consideration, the RF-Kit company was created, which dealt with the production and also the further development.
There was also a desire for more output power - legal limit with headup.

The B26-PA RF2K​+ was created, a power amplifier with 2x LDMOS BLF188.

But from this final stage, the production of all components was commissioned from an electronic company. The quality always had to be guaranteed.
And again the development continued. The OM's wanted a very quiet and very fast (real QSK) PA.

And now we are with the B26-PA RF2K-S - now with 2x LDMOS BLF 189 and PIN diode switching <5mS in PTT.
RF-Kit is a small company - all employees are Ham's and we use the PA's ourselves every day - from Ham's for Ham's.

And as always    ... where we go next ?  :-)