Icom IC-7610 with RF Kit RF2K-S LDMOS Amplifier
Bob Henderson 5B4AGN - 27 May 2024 - Updated 29 May 2024


Product Review from ARRL QST Nov 2022


Our product documents as PDF for download 

RF2K+ Controller Upgrade Kit

Installation: RF2K+ Controller Upgrade Kit Installation




Specification: Specification_RF2K-S.pdf
Assembly and adjust manual:  RF2K-S_Assembly_EN_V04
User manual:  User_Manual_RF2K-S_ENG_V14

Anex1: CAN Bus description


Aufbau und Abgleich Anleitung:   RF2K-S_Assembly_DE_V09
Bedienanleitung:  User_Manual_RF2K-S_DE_V14



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